Why I built Product Fit

Why I built Product Fit

Liam Houlahan
March 16, 2021

Hey I’m Liam and I’m the founder of Product Fit. This seems like a natural first post for the Product Fit blog. Here’s the background on how I ended up working on Product Fit.

Like all good startup stories Product Fit boils down to my unique experiences working in tech and startups. My last company I started Surveybot is a horizontal survey tool. Surveybot enables anyone to use chatbots to survey audiences of people. One of the key learnings with Surveybot relates to it being a horizontal tool. And also the need to have “recurring” user needs in order to sustain a SaaS product.

One-off surveys vs ongoing insights

Most surveys are done on a “project basis” as a one-off. This means a business won’t be learning on a recurring basis. There are always valid reasons to do one-off surveys. I found it frustrating when users would buy my software and then cancel after they completed their project. I always admired services like the NPS (Net Promoter Score) software tools. These tools positioned their service as an “insights tool” rather than a survey tool. The growing adoption of NPS and the fact that businesses used it as a “pulse check” for their customer experience meant that they needed to keep track of their NPS score all the time.

It’s hard for individuals to come up with survey methods like NPS. So when a survey method like this is developed by experts and widely adopted it’s always much easier to follow rather than try to reinvent.

Working in a SaaS Product team

When I discovered the Product/Market fit survey method I got really excited about productizing it to help product-led SaaS companies. Over the past 2.5 years I have been working in the product team of a b2b product-led SaaS company. I’ll be frank in saying that we didn’t do a great job or managing the customer feedback we would get about our product. Immediately I could see how the product/market fit survey could solve this with a proven method.

From my past experience I knew that conducting surveys to gather feedback is time consuming and error prone. It doesn’t make sense to do surveys like the Product/Market fit survey manually when you could automate it end-to-end.

This led me to building Product Fit. The idea of Product Fit is not to position it as a survey tool rather as a Product/Market fit insights tool. After setting up Product Fit you will see these insights in the dashboard and will need to put in minimal effort. There is no sending surveys, managing questions or answers. Product Fit does it all for you so you can sit back and learn.

I’m excited to have released the MVP into the market. Now that Product Fit is live I will be updating it based on your feedback so feel free to share your ideas or issues and keep an eye out for what’s coming up.


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