Intercom + Product Fit is here!

Intercom + Product Fit is here!

Liam Houlahan
April 28, 2021

We’re excited to announce the Product Fit + Intercom integration. You can now conduct your Product Fit PMF surveys with your users directly in the Intercom chat widget.

Increase engagement

Utilizing your existing Intercom chat widget will increase the engagement you receive from your users when answering the PMF survey. Intercom provides a number of automations like the operator bot to reach out and better engage users. 

It’s also a familiar interface for your users. Users are more likely to have previously engaged with your business in Intercom.

Save time

The integration and targeting setup are two of the key steps to automating the tracking of your Product/Market fit. Product Fit takes out most of the time when conducting the Product/Market fit survey with your users. 

Our Intercom integration takes this to another level as you can re-use your existing Intercom integration with your app + any events you track to target users when it’s time for them to do the PMF survey.

How it works

Check out the getting started video below or head over to our documentation for a step by step guide to getting started with the Product Fit Intercom integration.

Get started with Intercom + Product Fit


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