Build what matters most

Everything you need to help achieve and maintain Product Market Fit in your SaaS application.

Target users who have experienced the core value of your saas app.

Survey users based on any attributes you have about them. Only share the attributes you need with Product Fit.

Style the survey to suit your brand or make it stand out by styling it differently to your product colours.

Survey users based on their activity within your app. Segment based on the current page or device type.

The PMF survey questions are used so you don’t have to define any questions yourself.

Send links to survey

Send links to your Product/Market fit survey via email, chat or any channel.

Include any user attributes in your survey links and the attributes are automatically saved in Product Fit for segmentation and analysis.

Style your surveys with your own brand colours and logo.

Never worry about the device your users are answering with our responsive survey design.

Product Market Fit Insights

Track your Product Market Fit over time. Get insights on the benefits and improvements you should focus on.

See your product’s up to date PMF score in real-time.

Track your product’s PMF score over time and filter by date range.

See a real-time break down of your product’s PMF score by target market and any persona or segment.

From target market users who ‘love’ your product.

Identified by target market users who don’t ‘love’ your product yet.