Uploading CSV files of survey responses

Uploading CSV files of survey responses

Liam Houlahan
April 28, 2021

With Product Fit you can collect survey responses using any survey tool that you prefer. These gives you more flexibility if you already have existing surveys you do which might include the PMF survey questions.

Here’s how to get started with CSV file uploads in Product Fit.

Head over to the CSV uploads page at –

Select [New Upload] and either drag / drop or navigate to the CSV file you would like to upload.

Next it is time to map the fields from the CSV file to the correlating fields in Product Fit. There are 4 entities which can have their fields mapped these are:

  • Survey response – includes all the answers to the PMF survey questions as well as the completion date for the survey.
  • User – includes any fields you would like to map to the user including the unique ID. User fields are optional and you should map the unique ID if you intend on mapping user data from other csv uploads or other sources like integrations.
  • Account – includes any fields related to the account which the user is a member of. You can also map a unique identifier to the account so that all users are mapped to their relevant account if you have multi user accounts.
  • Personas – these are the personas which you have already classified for the survey responses. You don’t have to classify personas ahead of time as Product Fit will automatically classify these for you or you can classify them from within Product Fit.

Map all of the fields and then select [Save] to continue.

Note: Remember to check “Skip” for any fields which you don’t wish to map.

After you have uploaded your CSV of survey responses, if you haven’t already mapped the responses to their personas in the CSV file then you will need to go and sort them by going to Market > Identify Personas.

The total number of unclassified answers to the market question in your survey will depend on:

  • The total survey responses you uploaded in your CSV file
  • The personas you have already identified and classified answers for in Product Fit
  • If you uploaded the survey responses with the personas already identified in the CSV file or not

Learn more about identifying personas here.

That’s it for uploading CSV files with your survey responses collected outside of Product Fit.

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