Survey response Webhooks

Survey response Webhooks

Liam Houlahan
March 21, 2021

Webhooks enable you to pass survey responses from Product Fit into other systems in real time when the response is completed.

In order to setup webhooks go to the Webhooks page and select “New Webhook”.

On the web hooks page you must enter the secure URL of the webhook endpoint as well as a token which is returned from your webhook to confirm that you own the webhook.

Authentication token

The JSON format your webhook must return the token from a GET request is:

{ "token" : "2bd1cab1c855a4cf8790894a73e3d9ae" }

Once. you’ve set the URL and token select save and Product Fit will check that you own the webhook by making a GET request for the token.

Survey response format

After a survey response is received and then analyzed by Product Fit, Product Fit will send the survey response to your webhooks.

Below is the format of the survey response which will be sent to the webhook using a POST request:

  "id": "AGmwucluzxzunQ",
  "completed_at": "02/07/2020 11:13 PM",
  "user": {
    "unique_id": "943D32CBF3884A32B3D167DD28F8DB9B",
    "target_market": false,
    "attributes": {},
    "segments": ["somewhat_likes", "sales"]
  "answers": [{
    "question": "How would you feel if you could no longer use Superhuman pmf?",
    "content": "Somewhat disappointed",
    "phrases": []
  }, {
    "question": "What is your job title?",
    "content": "Account Manager",
    "phrases": []
  }, {
    "question": "What is the main benefit you receive from Superhuman pmf?",
    "content": "Manage multiple mailboxes, mac client, open tracking (this and salesforce integration is what I was using cirrus insight for). If you also integrated with salesforce - o m g that would be a combination made in heaven, and would definately lead the pack of gmail/salesforce integration products.",
    "phrases": ["gmail", "open tracking", "multiple mailboxes", "combination", "mac client", "salesforce integration", "cirrus insight"]
  }, {
    "question": "How can we improve Superhuman pmf for you?",
    "content": "The UI leaves a lot of be desired. I know you are going for a minimal feel, but there's a few things missing. The void on the huge, empty void on the left side of the window when in a message drives me nuts. The circular icons don't seem to match the overall aesthetic of the rest of the experience.",
    "phrases": ["UI", "lot", "few things", "left side", "window", "message", "rest", "experience"]
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