Sending surveys by email

Sending surveys by email

Liam Houlahan
March 16, 2021

In order to capture feedback from your users it may not always be viable to survey them in app but rather over email or other channels.

Product Fit provides an easy way to do this with “Survey links”. To get started go to the “Survey links” page once you’ve signed in –

Here you will find the Product/Market fit link for your product’s survey.

Identifying the user

When you use this link you must pass a unique ID for each of your user’s. This is passed in the link with the parameter “unique_id”. Your link should look something like below:

The value next to unique_id is the ID of the user. If you are using a tool such as MailChimp to send emails you will need to pass the ID of the user using a Custom Field.

User attributes

In addition to the unique_id parameter you can also pass any other attribute for your users. Product Fit will automatically save these attributes for the user when they visit the link. You can see in the example below multiple attributes are being passed to the link.[user-id]

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