Intercom users sync

Intercom users sync

Liam Houlahan
January 31, 2021

With the Intercom integration you can sync your user attributes and event data to Product fit. This is helpful as it means you don’t have to integrate this data directly with Product fit if you are already using Intercom in your application.

To Integrate Intercom go to Setup > Integrations and select Intercom. Follow the prompts and the integration will be live.

After integrating Intercom you can define what data you sync from Intercom. There are 3 types of data you can sync:

  • Data attributes – this includes any attributes on the User, Account or Subscription entities.
  • Segments – if you already have segments created in Intercom they can synced to Product fit to better analyze your survey responses and Product market fit.
  • Events – any events that are tracked in Intercom can be synced into Product for targeting and segmentation.
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