Intercom – survey users using Outbound

Intercom – survey users using Outbound

Liam Houlahan
May 2, 2021

This tutorial presumes you have already signed up to Product Fit and setup your Market question.

1. Go to Intercom and create an outbound Chat message

Navigate to Outbound > New message and select [New chat].

2. Add a reaching out message

Type a friendly reaching out message to give some context to the PMF questions you are going to be asking users.

3. Add Product Fit to the message

Add the Product Fit app to the message so the first question appears in the chat.
To do this, select the ‘+’ icon below your message. Find ‘Product Fit’ in the list and select it.

4. Target the users who have experienced the “core” of your product

Navigate down to “Rules” on the page and add the targeting rules that will target the PMF survey to users who have experienced the “core value” of your product.
These rules are dependent on the actions in your product. If you need help reach out to us or check out our blog article here.

5. Go live

Once you are happy with your outbound message and targeting, scroll up and select [Set live].

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