Getting started guide

Getting started guide

Liam Houlahan
January 28, 2021

To get started with Product fit watch our video or alternatively you can follow the steps below.

Getting started with Product fit

After you sign up you will be asked to add your first product. Your product is a Saas application you own and you need to add the name and url of the product.

Next is the “Market question”. In Product fit by default we use personas to segment your target market from your users. 

In order to identify personas you need to setup the market question which should enable you to identify who your users are.

Note: If you choose “predefined options” you can sort the options as target market or not target market. By doing this Product fit will automatically analyze the survey responses based on these answers.

Next is the Targeting step. This is where you define where and when your users should be asked to answer the PMF (product market fit) survey. 

The core of your Targeting should be set to only show the survey to users who have experienced the “core value” of your product. 

Lastly is the installation step. You will need to add the Product fit script to your application and identify your users in order for Product fit to do it’s thing.

At a minimum you need to pass a unique id for users in your script. You can also add any other attributes you like such as name, email or anything else. The more attributes you add the more data you will have to target surveys and segment the market.

Once you’re up and running you may need to identify your personas as responses come in. This is done from Market > Identify personas. 

When you receive new responses the answers to your “Market question” appear in the “Not classified” column. 

Once you identify new personas add them in either the Target market or Not target market columns. Then drag the unclassified answers into these personas to classify them.

Now Product fit will analyze all responses and provide PMF insights. From the Insights page you can see your Product market fit score, the benefits of your product and improvements to your product which you need to focus on.

For more help with Product fit check out our other articles or send us a message over chat.

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