Measure Product Market Fit

Automatically measure and track your Product market fit directly within your SaaS application.

Targeted surveys

Survey your users right in your app in the right place at the right time. Alternatively send surveys via email using ‘deep links’. Only target users who have experienced the core value of your SaaS application. Integrate your user attributes and events with Product fit for accurate targeting.

Track Product Market Fit

Measure the Product market fit score of your application. Track the score over time to see how your product is performing with your target market and other customers. Break down your score by target market, personas or any other segment.

Identify the main benefits

Understand the benefits your target market like most about your app. Focus on these benefits to have the most impact with your target market users who ‘love’ your application.

Identify the main improvements

Win over your target market users want who ‘somewhat love’  your product by identifying the improvements they want. Build these improvements to convert users in this segment to ‘love’ your product.

For all Product led SaaS companies

Before Product Market Fit

By understanding how your business is tracking towards Product Market Fit you can make better product and business decisions. 

Continue serving the target market users who ‘love’ your product by doubling down on the benefits. 

Or iterate your direction through working on improvements for target market users who only ‘somewhat love’ your product..

After Product Market Fit

Maintain your product market fit by tracking it as you add new features and push into new markets. 

Identify new market segments and features to accelerate your growth.

Tweak your positioning as markets evolve and new trends take hold of your market segments.

Get a handle on your Product Market Fit